The Center suffered a devastating fire on October 8, 2019.   We’ve nearly completely recovered, but some important work remains and we’re currently open only by appointment.  Please email us at to schedule a visit.

We previously had a very full schedule of daily offerings and weekly, monthly and special events.  As we restore them, we will update this page.  Tours of the Center can now be arranged most days.  Events will include our popular bi-monthly crystal singing bowl and toning sessions, monthly Bhajans gatherings (group Hindu chanting/singing), weekly and monthly energy “healing” gatherings, and more.

Unless otherwise indicated, our offerings/events are free.  However, the Center is very dependent on community support, so any donations are always sincerely appreciated.


As noted, we already offer tours of the restored Center.  They typically take at least 90 minutes, and they are not boring museum tours.

We’ve also already restored our weekly Talking Circles:

Sunday, 12:15-2:00 – FAMILY GATHERING (TALKING CIRCLE) facilitated by Jack Sisk.  We come together as a loving family to share and honor each person’s experiences and insights.  This is a sacred, respectful and confidential Talking Circle.  We pass a talking stick twice and only the person holding the stick may speak.  We learn from each other.  Everyone is committed to being loving, compassionate and respectful.  You might hear readings from various traditions, music from various cultures, and much more.  Speaking is encouraged, but not required.  Introverts especially find this a beneficial gathering.  It’s followed by fellowship in our kitchen.